Call for Twitter Storm Against #YogiMassacre

Call for Twitter Storm Against #YogiMassacre

Shame on Yogi government! Condemn the massacre ordered by Yogi in UP! #YogiMustResign

Over the last few days terrifying news has been pouring in from different parts of UP, of the concerted police action and crackdown on protestors, activists and Muslim residents of UP under the Yogi government. More than 18 civilians have lost their lives in the police violence, including a minor. Over 700 people have been reportedly arrested, with activists, lawyers, journalists being illegally detained or put under house arrest. Some figures suggest over 5400 people have been abducted and detained. Section 144 has been imposed across UP clamping down on democratic protests and there is internet shutdown reported in several cities. Democratic protests against #CAA are facing violent attacks by police, with videos surfacing of destruction and arson on standing cars and property by police, brutal assaults on civilians, pelting of stones from rooftops by security personnel and vitriolic hate and brute force being openly declared by police in UP under orders of the CM Yogi. Videos have also emerged of mosques being destroyed by the communal UP police. There are also reports of properties being confiscated by police. All in all there is a complete state of terror and destruction in UP. Needless to add, the violence is targeted at Muslim residents in what is seeming to be nothing short of a genocide project by the state.

We cannot simply sit and watch while people in UP are being openly massacred. We need to strongly condemn this police brutality and crackdown by the Yogi government in UP and hold them accountable! We need to ensure this is put to a complete halt and the victims get justice! We need to counter the false narrative of violent protests being used to justify torture, killings and mayhem in BJP states. This is even as protests are going on peacefully in other non-BJP ruled states in the country, with cities like Mumbai reporting daily peaceful protests with cooperation of police, even during the massive protest at August Kranti Maidan on 19th December with over 2 lakh protestors! We need to condemn this attack on Indian democracy!

*Join us on Twitter* on 23rd December 2019 from 8 pm to 10 pm to demand an immediate stop to this police crackdown on democratic protests and to this communal hate and violence by the Yogi government. Use the hashtags #YogiMassacre and #YogiMustResign with your posts on twitter and tag international and domestic human rights bodies, authorities and institutions, and also media houses and influencers to your posts.

Lets demand strict action and accountability against the Yogi government and compel them to stop this carnage! Lets convey loud and clear that we will not tolerate state violence and human rights violations in India, that we will not tolerate this clampdown on people’s right to democratic protest against CAA, NRC or any oppressive policy of the state!

Spread the word and join in large numbers!


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